1. Ali Burress
    Portland, Oregon
  2. a stick and a stone
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. dolphin midwives
    Portland, Oregon
  4. Forest Veil
    Portland, Oregon
  5. Indira Valey
    Oberlin, Ohio
  6. Johanna Warren
    Portland, Oregon
  7. Lola Kirke
    Los Angeles, California
  8. Swoon Lake
    Brooklyn, New York
  9. Vellum
    New York


Spirit House Portland, Oregon

A magical, radically artist-friendly record label empowering free spirits to make art on their own terms! A community of healers, activists, witches, faeries and star-children helping each other deliver medicine to the world ♥

Art is medicine. Art is magic. We have come here to speak truth. The time is now. The power is us!
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